Vietnamese Chicken (and) Lime Soup

here's a little story:  once upon a time, there was this little half-asian girl named amanda, who loooooved chicken (and) lime soup.  the reason for the ( ) is because sometimes her dad wouldn't always say the 'and'.  it was the ultimate sick person food.  

"YES!  IM SICK MAKE ME CHICKEN LIME SOUP DAD." - 12 year old amanda

well, yesterday i was really sick.  so a hot bowl of chicken and lime soup was in order.  i'm not sure what it is about this soup, but it's liquid gold.  i think if i got diagnosed with skin cancer, i could rub a little bit of chicken and lime soup on it and it would disappear.  the soup will heal you when you're sick.  the soup is served with a dipping bowl of fish sauce and thai chilies which clears your sinuses.

now, i know you're judging.  you're saying, 'ugh'.  what's that brown stuff in the bowl and why are there cartilage pieces and bone sticking out and around everything.  well, that's because it's real food and real food doesn't have to be finger f****ed and prettified to be downright amazing.

dirt bike man and i devoured this soup last night and afterwards with a bellyful of rice, fish sauce and boiled chicken i calmly fell asleep on the couch like a baby.  when i awoke, dirt bike man had made me soy ice cream, just in time to save my sore throat (this soup is amazing, but i can't promise it will compel your sig other to make you ice cream...sorry.)

it's also wonderful that we live in butt-cold nebraska sometimes because we can chill the hot soup on the deck before placing it in the frig....that is...only if dirt bike man doesn't accidentally drop the pot on the floor (like he did).  you'll be staring strangely at the chicken carcass on the floor and wishing you had chicken (and) lime soup in a bowl tomorrow not the floor.  we also found out benny loves chicken (and) lime soup (according to his obsessive licking of the frig)

also, don't hate me if you try making this.  i did not use exact amounts, but will walk you through how to make this YOU DONT NEED A RECIPE!

Vietnamese Chicken (and) Lime Soup

(serves ~6)



1 3 # chicken (air chilled)

2 pickled limes (found at asian market) + the juice

3-4 T 3 crabs brand fish sauce

fish sauce for dipping

a few thai chilies





1) fill a medium sized pot that comfortable fits the whole chicken.  fill it about 3/4 of the way full with water and bring to a boil.

2) drop whole chicken in the boiling water and boil for ~10 mins to remove impurities.

3) remove chicken and set aside.  discard of water.  refill pot again with the same amount of water, add the chicken, bring to a boil and reduce to a simmer.

4) simmer chicken until thighs and leg are tender (~1 1/2 hours).

5) add 2 pickled limes and some of the pickling juice (just add until soup is as sour as you'd like it) for 30 mins.  i also reccomend spilting the pickled lime in half once it is in the soup to release more flavor.  season with 3-4 T fish sauce until it's to your liking.

6)  serve with jasmine rice and a small dipping bowl of fish sauce with chopped thai chiles.


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