top 5 easy healthy breakfast ideas

if anyone knows me, they know that i cannot survive without breakfast.  my breakfasts usually need to be high in calories to sustain me throughout my morning (especially when i was working as a chef and now keeping up with my 7 month old as a stay-at-home mom).  i know a lot of people that skip out on breakfast all together because of the time factor!  these take no time at all or can be prepared in advance.

here are my top 5 easy healthy breakfast ideas.

1) protein packed oatmeal power bowl

this is my number one go-to breakfast right now.  i follow the directions of how to make oatmeal from the box for a 1/2 cup dry oatmeal and add 1/4 cup of Bob's Red Mill soy protein (17 g protein) as well as 2 T dried fruit (raisins, cranberries, blueberries etc.)  then i top it with 1 T hemp seeds, 1 T tahini, 1 t coconut sugar and a few almonds.  SO GOOD.  sometimes (A LOT of times) i put a huge scoop of chunky peanut butter.

clean eating breakfast idea oatmeal

2) kitchen sink frittata 


on saturday and sunday mornings we usually are very slow going, so breakfast quickly turns to brunch or sometimes lunch.  this has been my favorite thing to make and it's super easy and uses up any leftover proteins or veggies you have in the fridge before grocery shopping again the following week.

cheesy egg frittata bake

3) sweet and salty granola bars


maybe you are more of a granola-bar-for-breakfast-kind-of-person like dirt bike man.  these are very quick to put together and then make enough for over a week.  not to mention they quickly turn into a guilty pleasure other times of the day because of the nice, salty pretzels.


4) tahini orange coconut barley granola


or perhaps you're a granola and yogurt person in the mornings.  this recipe makes a large batch which you can use to top full-fat greek yogurt or even add milk to.  i also love how the chopped dates, raisins and cranberries add a nice sweetness as this granola is on the less sweet side which i like.


5) soy berry layered smoothie with rainbow boba


the is probably the hardest thing to make on this list, but i would classify as healthy.  how fun would it be to eat boba for breakfast??  you could skip the boba all together though and just make a good 'ol berry smoothie.

download (1).jpg

Do you have any healthy breakfast ideas for me that are high in protein?  I'd appreciate some ideas!

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