rosemary chicken & potatoes (camping recipe)


i went on my first camping trip last friday and it was so much fun!  it's crazy how i've gone 27 years and have not camped.  EVER.  it was also baby hobbs' first camping trip too and he loved it.  he stayed up past his bedtime by the bonfire, pooped, giggled under a camping tent and even wore flannel.

we also discovered what the max limit of stuff we can put in our SUV...the whole reason we did anything in the first place was to see some friends who are about to have another baby.  the goal to trade all of our baby stuff and it was my turn to give it all back.  then it turned into a full blown camping trip.  so we had camping stuff, food and lots of baby gadgets.  we could barely see baby hobbs' in the backseat it was that full.  we were hoping we remembered everything including our baby.

dirt bike man is very particular and camping is no different.  it is a tradition for him to have chicken and potatoes over the campfire in loaf tins, as well as grapefruit juice (in tin cans), coffee, and eggs & bakey in the morning.  he stayed up until 4 am fishing with his best bud so when he woke up at 7 am to make breakfast he was a little delusional and saying silly things.  mostly pretending to move at a normal pace, but not being quite all there haha.

this meal is very simple and something everyone can share together.  plus it tastes super good.  i think for us because we were so hungry by the time we got the camp site set up, a fire started and food cooked.  we literally ate in the dark, but it made for a great memory ^^

bonfire chicken & potatoes

serves 4 adults 1 child and 1 baby

3 large chicken breasts, large dice

an assortment of veggies (baby carrots, broccoli, cauliflower and celery)

a couple sprigs of rosemary and thyme (sage too, but optional)

5 russet potatoes, large dice

chicken better than bouillon

cracked black pepper

kosher salt

1) arrange veggies in 3 loaf tins leaving enough space to distribute 1 diced chicken breast on top.  top with 1 t of better than bouillon.  add a healthy dose of cracked black pepper on top and a sprig of rosemary.  close with foil.

2) place potatoes in 2 loaf tins and top with 1 t of better than bouillon, a few pinches of salt and cracked black pepper. add a few thyme sprigs and sage.  close with some foil.

3) before placing all of these on the campfire, add 1/2 c water to each tin and re-close foil over loaf tins.

4) cook over bonfire until cooked through ~1 hr.  give each one a gently stir before serving!

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