3 ingredient labneh

since staying at home with baby #1, i've picked up a hobby of trying new recipes.  one week i get obsessed with indian, the next mexican and this week im onto middle eastern.  labneh is soo delicious and super easy to make.  you basically mix greek yogurt, lemon juice and salt together and let the whey strain out overnight in cheesecloth set over a strainer.  i love snacking on this with carrots and pita (in between bites of cookies and cake of course -.-;)  what snacks do you eat on during the week?  if you say cheetos or doritos we'd be friends in real life.  also, apologies for short blog post i am typing with one hand and holding sleeping baby #1 in the other :)

3-ingredient labneh

12 oz. or 1 1/2 cups Fage Total Greek yogurt (you can use less fat yogurt but i really love the extra creaminess)

a good pinch of salt

1/2 t lemon juice

optional--extra virgin olive oil + za'atar spice

1) stir all ingredients together, place in cheesecloth in a strainer.  cover yogurt with extra cheesecloth that is hanging over strainer.

2) refrigerate 12 hours for standard labneh and 24 hours for extra thick!  (optional) to serve spread on plate and use back of spoon to make swirly pattern.  drizzle with extra virgin olive oil and za'atar spice!  serve with veggies like cucumbers, carrots radishes etc and pita.

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