dad's honey lemon tea

My dad tends to get "stuck" on certain foods or recipes.  Like us all, he goes through phases.  Recently, he made me what he calls "lemon honey" which is lemons cooked in clover honey.  If you pour hot water over this "lemon honey", it is the most amazingly tart/sweet/comforting drink you can imagine.  I drank this all winter and I never once got sick (was it the lemon honey?  not sure, but it's fun to think so).  There is also gold at the bottom of the cup because the cooked lemon wedges are so good to eat.

My husband is addicted to it too now and he's made other versions of this tea...grapefruit, lime, meyer lemon...

Him and l like to wind down after work or right before bedtime with a hot cup of this tea and a warm baby in our arms and enjoy a quiet moment together.

In writing this blog to you, I hope you can find something that makes you stop and take a deep breath and maybe it's this "lemon honey" tea.


Dad's Lemon Honey Tea

Makes 1 pint mason jar full

5-7 organic lemons

1 generous cup of honey

1) cut ends of lemons off.  cut lemon in half, parallel to the cut ends.  cut each of the halves into quarters.

2) place lemons in a small saucepan with about 1 cup of honey or enough to cover lemons.

3) simmer on low for about an hour or until lemon rinds are golden, translucent, cooked through and soft.

4) let cool in a mason jar.

5) when serving, scoop a few lemon wedges and some of the juice into a mug and pour boiling water over the top!

6) stores in the fridge for at least 6 months!

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