My new travel buddy: HowUDish App


I got a chance to review a new app called HowUDish.

Finally there is an app I can use to help me decide where to eat when I travel and to find foods that fit within my fitness goals!  The app lets you choose between several diets (say if you're gluten intolerant or vegan, for example).  There is also options for low-cal or high protein.  Then app will then search nearby restaurants and suggest dishes that fit within your goals.  How cool is that?  If you're in the mood for something in particular, you can filter by cuisine too.  If you like a dish, you can save it or swipe it away if it doesn't interest you.

Another handy feature is that it will tell you how much protein, carbs and fat are in each dish that it suggests (which helps me plan ahead if I'm eating out since I can plug it into MyFitnessPal).

I am currently trying to gain weight in muscle.  However, while I'm traveling, I find it to be very difficult to find dishes that aren't super high in fat.  I usually will spend an ample amount time researching restaurants and menus myself.  This app simplifies the process for me and does the work.  The app will also tell you how far away the restaurant is, what rating it has and it's hours of operation.  The only downfall is this app is only for iPhone users.

*This is a sponsored post thanks to HowUDish

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