roast pumpkin ancient grain and arugula salad


ok, if you have been following my previous posts, you already know i showed how to cook a whole pumpkin.  it is super simple and i really hope you give it a try.  not only was it super cheap to purchase, but a small pumpkin yields a TON of cooked pumpkin which you can throw into salads, make baby food with, eat as a snack or even as a part of a pumpkin antipasto platter with prosciutto and assorted cheeses and honey (if you want to get fancy).  heck, you could even make your own pumpkin pie using fresh pumpkin that you cooked yourself!!  ha!  you don't need libby's.  jk, i take that back, libby's is my standard for pumpkin pie.... :/  i'm not helping my case here, but you get my point.

below is my rough estimate on how to make this really can't mess it up as long as you taste it as you go (add some salt and vinegar, mix and add more to your liking).

mix cooked farro and arugula in a 1:2 ratio

maybe even a 1:1 ratio if you want it to be a heartier salad.

make the vinaigrette (see recipe below).

place all ingredients in a jar and give it a shake OR if you're lazy like me just add ingredients straight to the farro mixture and toss everything really good.

sprinkle with about 3-4 sliced scallions and adjust salt and pepper to taste.

apple cider viniagrette

1 T apple cider vinegar


fresh ground black pepper

3 T extra virgin olive oil

1) mix all ingredients of the viniagrette together and pour over the salad.  depending on how much salad you have, you might want to double the recipe or simple add more salt, acid and olive oil to your liking.


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