how to cook fresh pumpkin


i recently found out there are many, many pumpkin varieties to cook and eat.

even though i am a chef, i tend to get intimidated by cooking pumpkin...however, i have learned that is it very simple to cook.

first, cut out core with small knife.

be very careful during this part!!

next, cut pumpkin in half.  you'll need a chef's knife for this.  remove seeds.  then cut halves in half.

save seeds to make roasted pumpkin seeds!  depending on how big the pumpkin is you may have to cut each half into thirds.  use your judgement here.

place wedges of pumpkin skin side up on a sheet tray.  add a little water to cover bottom of tray.  bake at 375 F.

bake for 15 mins or so until the skin starts to soften.  let it cool until you can handle it.  then remove the skin with a paring knife and dice pumpkin into cubes of equal size.  big or small doesn't matter as long as they are the same.

continue baking at 375 F until done.

the length of cook time will vary depending on pumpkin and variety.  however, just cook it until it is done!  you want to look for pumpkin that is cooked through and is soft when poked with a paring knife.  if you followed all the steps, my guess is the pumpkin will take about 35-50 mins to cook.

you now have a TON of cooked pumpkin to either make a pie with or a salad or to eat fresh as a snacky-snack or for baby food.

i used our pumpkin in a farro arugula salad!  our baby also really enjoyed pumpkin which he ate himself since i cut it into large cubes.

i will be posting the recipe to the farro arugula salad soon!  stay tuned!


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