afternoon at stirnella


i was fortunate enough to have been invited to stirnella in omaha's blackstone district this weekend.  the event successfully gathered together other local foodies/food bloggers to try a sampling of the menu and some drinks.

my first impression of the restaurant was that it looked like a place it would be worth spending my money (great atmosphere in terms of lighting, artwork, beautiful wood tables etc).  the whole look of the restaurant was on trend, but classy.  it would make a great date night place or a fun place to lunch with some girlfriends.

i also appreciated that the menu was simple vs. tons of choices, which shows me that the menu is carefully thought out and everything will be fresh.  i loved that most of the ingredients used in the dishes are from local businesses in omaha too.

for the food, we started out with the burrata, green tomato, peach mostarda and peasant bread. this had to be my favorite dish by far.  the peaches were sweet next to the tart green tomatoes and the bread was grilled nicely lending a smokey flavor to the dish.  the burrata was creamy which tied everything together.  i loved the sweet, tart and salty combo here (which is always a win-win for me).

next up was the shrimp toast, sunchoke with unagi sauce and chili aioli.  this dish was nice, but paled in comparison to the first dish.

after that the ricotta ravioli, roasted eggplant ragu, heirloom tomato and kalamata olives.  this dish was absolutely delicious with the flavor of the cheese and tart tomato.  it was seasoned very well.  i could tell the pasta was homemade and it was cooked 'al dente'.  lots of work goes into making ravioli and fresh pasta!!  so i appreciated all the effort it took to make this one and have it presented so nicely.

and lastly was the heirloom tomato salad with burrata, pickled shallots, watercress, caper salsa verde and brioche croutons.  this dish was also done very nicely and is a dish that i make at home in the summer.  this type of dish is on trend, super fresh and the combo of ingredients allows the flavors to stand out.   it was all very clean and not overthought.

overall, i would say i am impressed by the quality of the food and drinks at stirnella!  all the other bloggers were happy and impressed as well.  i had such a great time networking and meeting with local foodies!!






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