grilled biscoff cookie butter + banana sandwich

sometimes it's nice to make breakfast and crawl back into bed on a saturday morning.  especially when you have this delicious biscoff cookie butter stuff and a nice cup of coffee.

soooo...bananas....biscoff cookie butter...butter and a pan.  then grill the sucker like a grilled cheese sandwich.

if heaven could taste like something it would be of buttery, toasted brioche bread with creamy, cinnamon cookie butter and warm bananas.

grilled biscoff cookie butter + banana sandwich

serves 2


1) spread softened butter on one side of each of the slices of bread

2) slice the banana into thick 1/2" slices

3) spread both slices of bread without butter with a thick layer of biscoff cookie butter.  arrange the bananas on one piece of bread in a single layer on top of the biscoff cookie butter.

4) place both pieces of bread together, butter sides out.

5) place a pan on medium-heat until pan is hot.  place sandwich in the pan until bread is toasty and brown.  flip and brown on the other side.

6) cut sandwich in half and share with a special someone.


2 slices of thick cut brioche bread

biscoff cookie butter

1 banana

some softened butter


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