Jenna King: The Queen at Stickalicious Pops

Last weekend I got to speak to this amazing lady with an inspiring story and a stoked attitude for homemade, small batch, all-natural popsicles.  Jenna literally started with $30 dollars in her kitchen and a small popsicle maker; from there, she was a devoted popsicle woman.

“The great thing about small batch is that I can have fun and try different flavors every week and if they don’t sell, I simply don’t make them again,” she says. 

She sells her popsicles at one of Omaha’s several farmers’ markets called Gifford Park on 33rd and California Street.  Not only are her popsicles made from all natural purees, Jenna’s popsicles are low on sugar and uses sugar from mostly fruit to add flavor.  Currently, she sells about 30-40 popsicles a week at Gifford Park.  Flavors range from fresh pureed cantaloupe, coconut banana, strawberry, peach cream, oreos and cream and her most popular flavor, basil lime.

Jenna dreams of one day owning a thai-style popsicle maker, which is filled with ice + salt and freezes juice into popsicles within 5-7 minutes.  This way, Jenna could make popsicles in front of customers at the market making it a very interactive experience and a conversation starter.

Currently, Jenna creates her pops in Cuppycakes kitchen in Omaha.  Sheri, the bakery owner, has such a passion for aspiring food business owners that she has opened her kitchen to others for a nominal fee.  This has allowed small start-up business owners a chance to get their feet on the ground.

Jenna is so much fun to talk to; she' spunky and so excited to talk to you about her popsicles!


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