our little trip to portland

Dirt Bike Man and I had a little amazing trip to Portland last week.  I decided that him and I belong in Portland because it's basically a glorifed Omaha.

Our trip went a lot like this: eat, drink coffee, buy donuts, eat again, drink coffee, repeat.  Who could complain about that?  

I guess I did complain a little bit when we climbed the trail to the top of Multnomah Falls (it was soo steep!  and i'm a weenie.). Prolly because all the donuts I ate, hehe.

These were by far the best donuts we had in portland!  Aaaand the best chai tea (in fact there were 6 homemade chai blends to choose from).  

A true statement.

The drive to Multanomah Falls.

I found a Smoky the Bear stamp at Multnomah Falls info center.  I needed no more convincing than the man at the counter telling me , "these are stamps we have out for the kids".  DONE.

Thanks to Michelle from Hummingbird High for introducing us to the Tea Bar!  The matcha latte was pretty amazing :]

We also went to ClarkLewis for brunch.

Yum.  A crumb donut from Coco Donuts.

We also stayed at the prettiest and hippest hotel called the Jupiter.

Then we ate more donuts...this time at Blue Star...not ashamed of how many donuts I ate.

Ugh don't they look great??  I could go for another one (or two) right now.  The one in the front is a blueberry glaze (which was nice & tart), then a matcha donut and then a creme brulee donut that had a hard sugar glaze (waaaaaaaah).

We were introduced to a new sauce called Secret Aardvark (made in Portland) and it was pretty delicious (watch out sriracha and sorry I cheated on you a lil bit).  So I left the waiter an aardark tip that I made on the plane (so ironic, huh?).

I also got to check off Voodoo Donuts from my things-to-do-in-life-list which was to devour a Voodoo Doll donut and poke him a couple times with the pretzel stick.

Also, was introduced to Cheese and Crack from Michelle!  So Dirt Bike Man and I had a cute little lunch filled with salami, goat cheese and homemade crackers before we had to fly home.