burgers + a puppy party

you know, sometimes you need to throw a party and invite all your friends over.  and their dogs.  and make blue cheese burgers.  and eat more doritos than is necessary.

i really, really love my friends.  they are artistic, full of love and full of love for God.  my friend kat is the most badass looking chick (with her side shave and all), but she has the biggest heart.  her and her husband are amazing musicians too.  steph, the art teacher (and dog groomer on the side) is married to another artist who (we joke) turns into a ninja at his night job where he helps in his brother's restaurant.  the amazing thing about my friends is that they are all so talented, loving life and loving God.  whenever we get together we at least have one heartfelt conversation about Him.

below are pictures of our puppies.  oscar is steph's schnauzer, who we'd like to think of as the cutest grump because he grumbles instead of barks.  

evie is the glamorous, fluffy pooch which is why she has multiple close-ups.  kat is her mom and i think if you knew kat, you would also know evie.

if you're wondering why there are no good pictures of my benny, it's because he doesn't know what a personal dog bubble is and was too wiggly or too busy smelling butts.

example above....benny being a creeper!!  he's a creeeeper.

benny being a creeper AGAIN!  evie trying to ignore him as not to ruin her glamour shot.

xoxo, Vuu

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