instant chia pudding with soymilk and homemade chocolate yogurt

happy valentine's day!

i decided to take benny on a car ride to the store with me this morning using a dog seat belt harness for the first time.  he wasn't so keen on the whole sitting in his own seat thing evident by his small whimpers.  when hushed, his whimpers slowed to a small whistle at the end of every exhale.  

"oh, c'mon, benny this is fun!  C'mon we're having fun!!"  he wasn't having it.

but, i was determined to get dirt bike man gummi conversation hearts (yes, they exist) and fruits for this breakfast.  i had made the chia seed pudding before i left and the homemade yogurt a couple days before.

homemade yogurt is SO much fun to make and i have a quick way to make chia seed pudding that doesn't require hours to make (30 mins to be exact-i'm pretty proud of that).

quick coconut chia seed pudding with homemade chocolate yogurt

serves 2

printable recipe

(with plenty of leftover yogurt :: yogurt recipe adapted from The Kitchn)

1/2 gallon of Kalona Whole Chocolate Milk

1/2 c cultured plain yogurt

1/4 c chia seeds

3/4 c vanilla soymilk

3 T sweetened coconut flakes

1/8 t kosher salt

1 t vanilla extract

2 kiwis

1 pomegrante

2 Medjool dates


To make the yogurt:

1. Heat milk to just below 200 F in a dutch oven.  Stirring occasionally to prevent a skin from forming on top and avoid burning the bottom.  

2.  Let milk cool to 112 F.  Stirring occasionally to prevent a skin from forming.  You can place dutch oven in an ice water bath, but be sure to pull the dutch oven from the ice bath before reaching 112 F and let the rest cool on it's own.

3. Scoop out 1 cup of milk and whisk it into 1/2 cup of plain cultured yogurt.  Whisk thinned yogurt into warm milk.

4. Place pot in a turned off oven with only the oven light on.  This will help to keep the pot warm around 110 F.  Keep pot in oven for at least 4 hours or overnight until it has reached the thickness and flavor you want.  Be careful not to stir or shake yogurt.  I left mine overnight because I like a thicker yogurt.  

5. Chill in fridge!

To make the chia seed pudding:

1. Mix chia seeds, soymilk, coconut, salt and vanilla together in a heat proof bowl.  Microwave for 45 secs, stir and place in fridge for 30 mins.

2. Cut up kiwi and dates and break pomegrate seeds out of skin.

3.  Layer parfaits with chocolate yogurt then chia seed pudding, then more yogurt on top.  Decorate with fruit and extra coconut.

<3 vuu

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