tsingtao beer sesame brittle

i started school again and it hasn't been too bad.  i spend most of my days surround by chefs (which is great; i am always learning something new) but a change in scene has been refreshing.  everyone is SO motivated compared to my undergrad program.  and the best part is, i'll have a mba degree in 2 years, which seems like a long time but in the scheme of things that's like 0.000001% (actually it's 0.02% so you know i can at least do math and have some chance at not flunking the mba program and am expecting to live to 100) compared to the rest of my life. 

i secretly celebrated my skills for management's 1st group meeting by bringing tsingtao beer brittle along with my laptop and textbook.  it sure made studying a little cheerier and reminded us all after putting in hard work at our jobs and school that friday nights are sweet.

pulled tsingtao beer brittle

printable recipe

serves 6-8

1/2 c tsingtao beer

1 c white sugar

1 T light corn syrup

1/4 t kosher salt

1 t vanilla

1 c toasted sesame seeds


1) line sheet tray with silpat.

2) in a medium sized pan, combine the beer, sugar and corn syrup.  bring mixture to a boil over high heat, then lower to a good simmer.  be very attentive at this point as the carbonation in the beer can cause the mixture to overflow.  pull mixture from heat if this happens to allow mixture to cool.  eventually, the mixture will settle down.

3) in the meantime, place sesame seeds in a saute pan large enough for seeds to be in a somewhat single layer.  heat over high, stir and swirling seeds constantly until very golden brown.  

4) cook until a candy thermometer reads 310 F (hard crack).  remove from heat.  stir in salt, vanilla and sesame seeds.

5) pour brittle onto silpat, spreading it thin with an offset spatula.  cool brittle until warm.  gently pull brittle apart with hands.  or simply wait until brittle is completely cool and break into pieces.

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