Fried Rice...for doggies!

Happy New Year everyone!

I have a very spoiled puppy.  Today, I made him some puppy-fied fried rice.  Lately, I have been reading about raw dog diets and have been looking up homemade dog food recipes.  Most of them don't look too appetizing (I mean...I get it.  It's just dog food) but most human foods that dogs can eat are ingredients for fried rice!  How cute is that?  Benny loooved it and dirt bike man and I got to make people-fied fried rice too.  I am no expert at feeding my dog a raw diet...but it's just a little too fun to cook for him.

If you want to make a people-fied fried rice simply follow the same steps as the recipe below but increasing the ingredients so you have a good mix of rice to veggies, meat and eggs.  The trick is to add a dash of white pepper to a couple pre-scrambled eggs.  Then once you have sauteed everything in order and everything is back in the pan, add several dashes of soy sauce until it's your liking.  Then add enough salt for your preferred saltiness and always a pinch of sugar at the end.  Ta da!  The whole fam can eat fried rice!!


Fried Rice for Doggies

serves 1

printable recipe


1 t olive oil

1 scrambled egg

1 T olive oil

1/4 c diced chicken breast

1 T small diced celery

1 T small diced carrots

1 T peas

1 T small diced broccoli

1/4 c cooked brown rice




1) Add oil to medium saute pan.  Turn burner on medium to high heat until pan is hot.  Add pre-whisked egg and scramble.  Set aside.

2) Add 1 T oil to pan, pan should still be hot.  Add chicken and cook until slightly pink.  If you're making a larger batch for yourself, set chicken aside so it won't overcook.

3) Add in veggies and cook until translucent.  

4) Add in rice and mix it all together, breaking apart the rice as you do.  Add in eggs.  Add in chicken (if set aside earlier).  Cook for a few mins longer.  Let cool before feeding puppy.

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