sugar-coated creignets

i can't begin to tell you how amazing these are.  first of all, it's homemade croissant dough.  secondly, it's fried like a beignet.  THEN it's bombarded with stick-to-your-fingers, embarrassingly messy granulated sugar that's hiding in the all the gazillion airy, crispy layers of croissant dough.  -siiiiigh-  uh huh.  croissant + beignet = creignet.

making puff pastry dough is intimidating, i'll admit.  but it's not difficult.  really the goal is to place one block of butter in the center of a simple dough to encase it.  from there it's a process of rolling the dough out flat, folding it into thirds and repeating.  this creates what the french call mille-feuille meaning "a thousand leaves"; thin layers of dough separated by butter.  during cooking or baking, the moisture in the fat steams to expand the layers and that's why croissants are so flaky and delicious.

another thing i am excited about is dirt bike man and i went to look at a cavalier king charles spaniel puppy on friday.  i've wanted a dog (this one in particular) since i was like...8.  saving up every chinese new year "li xi" and christmas money.  this puppy and i are so meant to be.  after playing phone tag with the breeder for several weeks.  we finally spoke and her dog was having puppies literally the next day.  so not only were those puppies unspoken for (which is extremely rare), in that litter was a red + white boy; exactly was i was hoping for.  AND he'll be ready to be taken home on MY BIRTHDAY!!  i mean how perfect is that.  

i am almost 95% positive we are going to name him "beigney" because these beignet things are about the most heavenly, perfect things there are just like him.


makes 1 1/2 dozen



cold water 0.75 lb

yeast 0.75 oz

bread flour 1 lb

cake flour 0.25 lb

salt 0.25 oz

granulated sugar 2 oz + extra for tossing

roll-in fat:

bread flour 1 oz

salted butter, room temp 0.75 lb

2.5 quarts of canola oil for frying


1) mix all dough ingredients in a bowl and stir with a wooden spoon until shaggy, but combined.  knead by hand for 5-7 mins for until dough is smooth and springs back after being poked.  or simply place all ingredients into mixing bowl with dough attachment and knead until smooth.

2) rest dough for 1.5-2 hours

3) while dough rests, mix roll-in fat ingredients until combined.  place in a quart sized ziploc bag, flatten and remove all air.  freeze until ready to use.

3) after dough has rested, roll out to 3x the width of the quart ziploc bag and the same height as the bag.  tear ziploc off frozen butter and place in the middle of the rectangle.  trim any excess dough from top and bottom, you want the butter to be flush to the exposed sides (i needed to trim if you can see from the pic below).

4) fold the right 1/3 of the dough over the butter and then the left side.  wrap in plastic wrap & freeze for 15 mins.

5) remove from freezer, face the open edges of the dough to the left and right.  using the rolling pin, smack dough down into a rectangle (this helps the butter to stay in place to create flaky layers).  the dough will have an uneven surface.  then gently roll dough flat, just until smooth.

6) fold the right 1/3 and then the left 1/3 of the dough into the middle.  that makes 1 turn.  poke 1 finger mark into the dough so you can remember what turn you are on and so forth with the next turns.  freeze for 15 mins.  

7) rotate dough 90 degrees (so open edges are facing out); roll out as previously done.  freeze for 15 mins.

8) repeat steps 4-6, 3 more times to make 4 total turns.

9) roll out dough to a 1/2" thickness and cut 3" x 2" rectangles.

10) proof until doubled in size, then chill for 20-30 mins while oil is heating.

11) heat oil in a dutch oven or heavy bottomed pan until 350 F degrees or until wooden chopstick produces bubbles in the oil (my fav trick if you don't have thermometer).

12) drop creignets into oil, one at a time, flipping occasionally until they are GBD (golden brown + delicious) on all sides, about 1.5 mins total

13) let cool mostly, then toss into sugar (this helps so the sugar doesn't melt on the outside as you want the sugar to be visible)

14) share with your neighbors, share with your friends.  everyone will love you.

<3 vuu

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