salted bulgarian yogurt + crisp kale salad

there are many things i am excited about today:

1) the end of summer is near!  which means...

2) dirt bike man and i are planning a trip to an apple orchard; of that will result in tarts and pies for daaays

3) nebraska football season starts along with oodles of bean chili, buttered popcorn, hot coffee and sweater weather.  hello there, brother, the cornhusker drum major!

4) i might be getting a puppy soon!  im peeing my pants.

5) this post!   somebody make this for me soon...this is brillant

6) i discovered a creignet (a crossiant + beignet) while having a cute lunch with dirt bike man

7) my hair

8) my niece showed me her 1st missing tooth with chocolate covered teeth...and received beautiful flowers from her sister

9) rolling down this country road, windows down listening to sleepless by flume

10) bulgarian yogurt.  in this salad.  pretty amazing.

salted bulgarian yogurt + crisp kale salad


2 small bunches of kale

kosher salt

coarse ground black pepper 


1 c. White Mountain bulgarian yogurt

more S & P




1) preheat oven to 425 F

2) wash kale leaves and remove stems, tear into larger pieces

3) spread kale on a baking sheet and generously douse with EVOO, salt and pepper

4) bake in oven for 5 mins until leaves soften

5) turn broil on high or 450 F and roast until edges of leaves are brown and crispy, remove from oven

6) mix together 1 cup of bulgarian yogurt and ~1 t salt and a generous amount of cracked pepper

7) plate kale and spoon dollops of yogurt around plate

i know, right?  amazing.

<3 vuu

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