grapefruit-ginger sparklies

last saturday marked josh + i's 3 year anniversary!  we figured it would be the last time we would celebrate the occasion as now we have our wedding anniversary to look forward to.  

to celebrate i made breakfast (my favorite meal of the day) and grapefruit-ginger sparklies.  as a gift, i got dirt bike man a small fern which we later used in our terrarium for our new friend...Fred (the Chameleon!!)  

in turn, dirt bike man took me to do things like we did on our 1st date!  a motocross show (we pretty much fit into the crowd on the inside but not with outwardly appearances...kinda like the time i dressed up as a redneck for a themed couples' shower and looked more like a k-pop star) and a tapas restaurant.

anyways, i have a little bit of a ginger obsession...i love all its knobs and spiciness.  my love for ginger started when i was young girl plagued with a stomach ache.  my dad would boil water, carefully peel the ginger as not to waste any and slice it very thin.  he would then fill a mug with seven or so slices ("so it's strong, but not too strong"), top it off with hot water and a heaping spoonful of honey.  or how about those chewy ginger candies?  have you had them?  the ones that have the ginger man on the front?  they're the bomb.


grapefruit-ginger sparklies

Makes 2


1 1/2 c peeled & sliced ginger

2 c h20

3/4 c sugar

1 can La Croix grapefruit sparkling water



1) simmer ginger slices in water for 45 minutes, slightly covered.  remove from heat and let steep for 20 minutes

2) strain mixture, making sure to press on ginger to remove any last bit.  return liquid to saucepan and add sugar.  heat until dissolved.  chill syrup in fridge or plunge saucepan into ice bath and stir syrup until chilled.

3) add 3T for every 1/2 can of bubbly (add more as desired)!

we also got these super, duper cute vintage nightstands from a friend!  we decided to refinish and paint them to match the trim in our house.  on top of that we got a vanity set and small hutch all for less than the "vintage" vanity set i saw at this flea market.

<3 Vuu

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