'merican jello mousse trifle

we're headed out to the family farm for the fourth and i am SO excited!  i am going to eat my face full of smoked brisket, cold watermelon and this jello trifle i made.  then, i am going to run around, wage some water balloon wars and repeat  until night fall.  as soon as the sun goes down, i'll be eating popsicles on the driveway in a lawn chair, watching a firework show my father-in-law puts on every year.  i will then proceed to have another share of jello mousse...because what's more patriotic than strawberry jello and cool-whip?  the neatest thing about this recipe is that the cool-whip separates from the jello making a "mousse" layer.

at the end of the night, my love and i will sneak off to the top of the hill to witness the smallest, cutest fireworks explode along the horizon.  i may even collect a few fireflies on my shoulder along the dirt road on the way there.

'merican jello mousse trifle


2, 6oz. pkg strawberry jello

3 c. boiling h2o x 2

3 tubs of regular cool-whip

1 pint of fresh blueberries


1) in a large bowl combine 1 tub cool-whip, 1 pack of jello and 3 cups boiling h2o.  stir until all dissolved.  pour into trifle bowl and chill for 8 hours or until firm.

2) repeat with another pack of jello and cool whip.  pour hot jello mixture into trifle onto previous layer.  chill until firm.

3) put cool whip into a large piping bag with large star tip.  pipe stars on top and decorate with blueberries.

note: extra blueberries + cool-whip makes one happy midwestern girl especially when world cup is on.  thanks kraft for my base recipe...

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