hog roast

uuum yeah.  hog roasts are pretty amazing to attend.  

one of my chef instructors from school is good friend's with my husband, dirt bike man, and every year he invites us to his family's annual hog roast.  nothing is more primal than watching a hog roast over an open spit; spiraling pork scents in every direction.  you think you'd get used to smelling it, but you don't and it drives you crazy.

the potlucked side dishes adorning the plastic picnic table with tupperwear and glass casserole bowls were your classic midwestern american.  cool-whip marshmallow salad, cheese dip, watermelon, macaroni salad (heavy on the mayo), your choice of potato chips and ice cream sandwiches.

last year, josh and our chef friend, broke down the hog...but THIS year, i felt like i moved up in life because i got to help!  this meant first dibs on any crispy, salty, fatty, smoky pork scraps.  in general, chefs usually have it pretty rough because we eat what most people don't (aka the best parts...try the meat right under the cheek).  

my plate ended up looking like...MEAT.  then cool-whip marshmallow salad (complete with shredded coconut pieces)--pork & coconut make this vietnamese girl very content.  kinda like a kid with a bomb pop.  minus the blue lips.

the picture of dirt bike man and pork is also a lot for me to handle.

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