almond butter and jelly cookies

the start to my weekend began with these beauties...and the satisfaction of crossing off a check box on my random list of Things I Want to Make But Occur in Obscure Circumstances (seriously, you don't have one?).  you see, i had been hoping for a time i would be daydreaming down the aisles of the quaint health food store near my house, looking for a unique ingredient to make into something AND happen to be going to a girlfriend's house when she's inviting lots of people over to share whatever item i create.  i know i'm a little kooky that i dream of these obscure things.  however, i found myself at this store on a butter run after work on friday (because not having butter in my house is like not having toilet paper).  with butter in one hand and a jar of vanilla espresso almond butter in the other, the planets aligned.  not sure if it was the adorable squirrel picture on the jar that got me or the vanilla bean + coffee combo.  hmm.  i got to daydream in the health food market, scout for a fun ingredient and got to take it to my girlfriend's house to share--where they were mowed down.  check, check aand check.

use any nut butter for this really.  these cookies are so tasty on their own because the flavor of the nut butter shines through; plus a dark brewed coffee makes an excellent sidekick.  if you want to be a little different, use preserve/jelly to make ab&j cookies (almond butter & jelly).  i would also imagine these to be amazinggg around a campfire to smash oozey-gooey toasted marshmallow & chocolate in between.

the rest of my weekend consisted of buying a new camera lens and a tripod (yay!!)  both of which i'm extremely proud of because they were on sale (and this girl l-o-v-e-s a good discount).  dirt bike man (my partner in crime/hubby) and i attended a hog roast to come!

almond butter and jelly cookies


1 stick, room temp unsalted  butter

1 cup wild friends vanilla espresso almond butter (or any smooth nut butter)

1/2 c sugar

1/2 c firmly packed brown sugar

1 large egg

2 c all-purpose flour

1/4 t baking soda

1/4 t kosher salt


1) with an electric mixer, beat butter and nut butter until smooth

2) add the sugars and beat until combined

3) add the egg and beat until smooth

4) add in flour, baking soda, salt mix until just combined

5) divide the dough into 2 parts, wrap in plastic wrap & form into a disks.  refrigerate 1 hr or until firm.

6) heat oven to 350 F

7) using a rolling pin, roll cookie dough out to 1/4".  dough will be crumbly, so don't worry if you need to pinch dough back together as you cut out shapes.  i used a 1 3/4" fluted, round cookie cutter.

8) gather the scraps until it resembles a disk again and chill while you work with the other disk you made

9) once you have a full sheet of cookies, bake for 11 mins or until puffy and slightly golden on edges

10) keep alternating between both doughs and baking cookies as you go, making sure not to leave unused dough at room temp for too long

*thanks smitten kitchen for the recipe inspiration, you are my favorite of all time.

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