fruity pebble popcorn balls

my retro betty crocker cookbook met my childhood love frutti pebbles and made a baby: popcorn balls.

how small town nebraska of me.

frutti pebble popcorn balls


1/4 c grapeseed oil

6 T orville redenbacher popcorn kernels (they really pop the best)

1/2 c sugar

1 c frutti pebbles

4 T  butter

6 oz mini marshmallows

1 t vanilla extract



1) add oil to a medium saucepan over medium-heat heat.  add popcorn and shake to coat kernels with oil.  when you begin to hear sizzling, add sugar & shake pan again.

2) when the 1st kernel pops, place lid on pot and gently rock pot back & forth while holding lid in place.  stop once popping slows.

3) pour hot popcorn onto parchment lined baking sheet & cool slightly.  pick out any unpopped kernels.

4) place cooled popcorn + frutti pebbles into large bowl.  melt butter in a smaller saucepan on low heat.  add marshmallows & stir until melted.  remove from heat, add extract.  pour immediately onto popcorn & stir with rubber spatula until well mixed.

5) cool for 2 mins.  butter hands well & in between each popcorn ball.  take a handful of marshmallow-y popcorn & slightly pack into a ball.  set aside on sheet tray to continue cooling (reuse tray from beginning).

that's it! (also, thanks to pioneer woman for the base of this recipe)

<3 vuu

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