lovely dovey things

this is going to be a gushy post.  dirt bike man and i professed our undying love for each other on the most perfect weather day, May 10th.  since then, we have been occupied with lovey dovey things like playing house, growing a garden, enjoying sunday morning breakfasts and dreaming about the future.

someday when i look back on my life when i am wrinkly like a cute raisin, that walk down the aisle will be a memory i will recall.  strong emotion kept me from glancing too long at my husband-to-be, waiting in awe at the end of the aisle.  my gaze immediately turned to the "A+J in love forever" drawn in colorful sidewalk chalk, along with hearts and poems beautifully drawn by my nieces.  

my oldest niece met me at the top of the aisle to hold my dress as I walked down to my handsome groom.  the day was beautiful beyond belief; the sun flicking warmth through the trees down onto our faces, lighting up our eyes as we were braced in one another's gaze. right before the words, 'I do' were said, the sun beamed again over the rustic amphitheater and -muah!- we kissed and were married.

just like we were floating in a bubble, we somehow made our way up the aisle where i preceded to give him another big kiss and said, "yay!  we are now mr. and mrs. hobbs!" almost immediately followed by, "I can't WAIT to try our CAKE!  LET'S GO TRY OUR CAKE!"

we were so fortunate to have a lovely lady i know, Kaylee Koenig, film our wedding!  take a look at her blog post that includes a trailer of our wedding video and our engagement video if you want to know more about our love story!!  she is so artistic and wonderful.  not only that, she is edits footage for Top Chef!!  (wow).

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