mustard greens + eggs

i hear lots of people say they don't have time to cook.  

during the week, the meals i make consist of:

1) a starch (mostly rice and sometimes noodles)

2) a protein (eggs, tofu, fish and once a week chicken or pork)

3) a veggie (and lots of it)

invest in a rice cooker.  cheap ones are around $14.  as soon as your start cooking, start the rice cooker and it'll be hot & ready by the time dinner is done.

salt + pepper + a saute pan is all you need for veggies & proteins.  save the foo foo cooking with more prep work for weekends. also use the same pan!  saute the protein, set aside to rest, add a little more oil and pop in your veggies.

sometimes i'll even skip the starch, pile a plate full of sauteed veggies and top with a protein.  grab a few different veggies and proteins on your weekly grocery run, work out the rest during the week.  does that make sense?

now i know this dish is probably NOTHING you'd imagine yourself making, but it is one thing for sure...quick. and. easy. all you need is eggs & pickled mustard greens on hand (which lasts for goodness knows how long in the fridge).

mustard greens + eggs


1 packaged pickled mustard greens (found at asian market)

5 organic eggs

pinch of white pepper

grapeseed or canola oil

1 minced garlic clove

dashes of fish sauce



1) take mustard greens out of package, rinse under cold water for 1 min and squeeze out as much liquid from greens as possible.

2) slice greens fairly thin (but nothing perfect)

3) whisk eggs, add a couple dashes of fish sauce and a pinch of white pepper

4) preheat skillet on med-high heat, add some grapeseed oil then garlic.  saute 30 sec.

5) add mustard greens & saute for 5 mins.  move greens to edge of pan to make a ring.

6) add 1 T oil to center of pan and pour in eggs.  let eggs cook for 1 min, then with a spatula, gently push eggs back in forth in center to form scrambled eggs. once eggs in center are mostly cooked bring in mustard greens from the edges & mix together.

7) immediately turn off heat because eggs will continue to cook. serve with rice!


<3 vuu

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