homemade pizzas + saxy sax music

my musically talented (college-aged) brother & his friends loaded up the family 4runner with music stands, saxophones, etc to come visit us/practice music for our wedding ceremony.   whenever guests come to our house, i want  to feed them (especially when it's my little brother).  to one can leave my house on an empty stomach.  as the boys got settled in the basement and began warming up, i proceeded to shout down the stairs that i decided to hire someone else. not sure if you've heard many music warm ups, but they do sound like a whole mess of music notes colliding mid air.  

josh & i were making dinner as their 1st beautiful song began to waft up the stairs.  we both looked at each other & smiled (we may have even slow danced a little).

during dinner, my brother says "this is so neat...we're sharing our talents together."  

homemade pizza dough

500 g 00 flour (find @ whole foods)

325 g H2O

10g salt

3 g yeast


(set oven at 500 F + place upside down half sheet tray on middle shelf to preheat)

1) add all ingredients into a mixing bowl fitted with a dough hook

2) Mix on low speed for 2 min, medium-high speed for 7 min then low speed for 2 min.

3) separate dough into three 275 g balls, rest for 15 mins before rolling out.

4) i prefer to oil dough balls with EVOO, place in qt. ziploc bags & freeze.  simply put frozen dough in refrigerator night before you want to use it, which allows it to slowly proof.  proof on counter 30 mins-1 hr before rolling out.

5) roll dough as thin as you'd like (i like thin crust, so i roll very thin).

6) as quickly & carefully as possible, place dough on half sheet tray and bake 6-8 mins

7) add whatever toppings you would like!

8) bake another 15-20 mins or until cheese is brown & crust is crispy

9) drizzle EVOO on crust edges and sprinkle with kosher salt

pizza topping ideas

kimchi pizza = hoisen sauce (thinned w/ a little H20) + sliced kimchi + blue cheese --> BAKE then top with bias-cut scallions

calabrese pizza = tomato sauce + sliced calabrese salami + feta cheese --> BAKE then top with argula

vuu's favorite = tomato sauce + sliced calabrese salami + blue cheese + sliced baby bellas --> BAKE then top with large basil leaves --> BAKE again until basil is slightly wilted

<3 vuu


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