apple frangipane tart


ok, so i don't claim to be a baking expert.. but i sure have a sweet tooth and will do anything it takes to make a dessert right.  i'm also a rarity in the fact that i am one of the few asians that can't do math in my head (if you're offended, i'm sorry please know i say that with love & lots of admiration).  for instance, while baking 2 of these tarts today, i multiplied eeeerything by 2 except the butter in the crust (THE MOST IMPORTANT PART).  -smacks head- oh vuu.

i assure you i am posting the correct recipe and it will turn out for you as i have made it very often in the past.  i also am giving you the recipe for 1 (not 2) so no mathematical errors will occur.


apple frangipane tart

frangipane (almond cream)

1/4 c sugar

3 T unsalted butter, room temp

1 large egg, room temp

1/2 t vanilla or almond extract

1/2 c almond meal

1 T all purpose flour



1) cream the sugar + butter

2) beat in the egg + vanilla until smooth

3) add almonds + flour until a paste forms.  leave at room temp until using (use within 2 hrs)

short crust dough

1 1/4 c all purpose flour

1/2 t salt

1 T sugar

4 ounces unsalted butter, chilled & cut in 1" cubes

1/8 c - 1/4 c ice water


1) mix together flour, salt & sugar.

2) cut in butter until mixture resembles coarse meal.

3) add 1/8 c water until pastry just holds together when pinched. add remaining water if needed.

4) gather into a ball and wrap with plastic wrap, press into disk shape.  chill 30-40 mins.




1) place dough on lightly flour surface, roll into a 12" circle using rolling pin.

2) roll up dough onto rolling pin and unroll over tart pan.  being careful not to stretch the dough, use fingers to press dough into corners of tart pan.  lightly drape dough up sides and gently press.  use thumbs to scrape dough off, breaking it at the tart pan's edge.  continue around pan until finished.  chill for 15 mins.

3) spread frangipane evenly over bottom of tart.  chill 15 mins.

4) peel skin off apples.  cut into 4 wedges.  remove cores with knife.  slice each wedge into 1/4" slices.  chill 15 mins (important step! don't skip ya slacker).

5) starting on the outside of tart, line apples slices around pan, slightly overlapping each.  continue in the center of the pan, slightly overlapping in the same manner (but the other half of slice overlaps previous row too).  this creates a flower design.  depending on the size of the apples you may be able to get a 3rd layer right in the center.  *see the picture above; i have 7 apples in the middle using the end pieces*

6) generously sprinkled sugar over top.

7) bake at 375 F for 50-60 mins until apples are cooked, crust is brown & crisp all the way through.  the filling should have some color and look slightly puffy (this will deflate as it cools).

8) remove from oven and let cool on wire rack.  top with powdered sugar around the edges.  ta da!

<3 vuu

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