the hobbs' home (to be)

i've been super inspired to start a blog (again), i'm pumping myself up to believe it's for realsies this time.  no more excuses!


josh and i are 2 months away from getting married...yay!  in fact, i sent out invitations today and it felt so good because it means we are officially announcing to the world (as in my small bubble that i know to be the world) we're tying the knot.  two more months and i can officially call the man of my dreams mine own.

we've been doing all the things that engaged couple tend to do.  we make dinner together, grocery shop together, cuddle on the couch with mugs of chamomile (pronounced cam-o-mile in these parts) while dreaming of the future.  we couldn't see ourselves in apartment living for too long and i want a cavalier king charles spaniel super bad .  so after shenanigans with sketchy realtors, we found our first house!  we're pretty much in love with it and think it's the best house ever just because it is something we can call our own.

i currently i call it the "future hobbs' home".  or is it hobb's, hobbs' or hobbes...?  just kidding.  in elementary school i thought S apostrophes were always kinda weird and now it's happening to me!!  i actually think mr. and mrs. hobbs sounds pretty darn cute.

i promise my blog posts will get better.  yikes.


<3 Vuu

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