my little trip to chinatown nyc

I got to enjoy a little trip to NYC lately and I actually stayed in a small Comfort Inn in Chinatown.  How cool is that???

Some hightlights:

  • Waking up to very cute & old people doing tai chi across the street (I actually considered joining them).
  • Eating a stomachful of wok seared dumplings, mung bean noodles, dan dan mian and dim sum for days.
  • Sipping on hot soy milk to keep me warm between dumpling shops.
  • Being elbow to elbow in the Deluxe Food Market which is filled with the yummiest prepared foods and the freshest seafood (seriously, even alligator)
  • Enjoying a breakfast of baked char siu bao, pineapple cake, sponge cakes and Hong Kong Milk Tea with the locals.
  • And only in NYC will you find bagels next to Peking Duck.
  • Notable places--21 Shanghai House, Ping's for dim sum, Wu Lian Ye for Sichuan and Golden King Bakery for pastries and tea!