things i am loving lately


I am loving that...

1) I am getting Puppy in t-minus 1 week...1 WEEK!!  People de-friend me off of Facebook now if you don't want to see a 10,000 puppy pictures every second (see above photo for the CUTEST cavalier/dog/pet/animal you've ever seen)

2) Coco Cake Land made a pineapple face cake and even made a Catbus cake!!  

3) This website sells only fair trade clothing + jewelry items that helps give women in other countries grow their craft and give them access to the global market.

4) I love these olive colored boots!!  whyyyyy are they out of my size whyyyyyy.

5) This octopus and Puppy are going to be BFFs.

6) Dirt Bike Man now works as a research chef for a bread company and brings home bread every day!  Bread and butter for daaaaays.

7) I discovered The Woks of Life and Crazy Korean Cooking blogs!  I will never get sick of all types of asian food...never.

8) Dirt Bike Man made me a cake made out of Krispy Kreme donuts for my BD party tonight!!  More pictures to come.  Isn't he the greatest?


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