friday links + upcoming trip to atlanta

it's not even halloween yet, but i am already dreaming up christmas goodies for the fam & neighbors.  i think i am going to christmas-ify this chocolate bark idea.

i only had an apple and peanut for lunch the day i saw this charred scallion noodle recipe on lady & pups...i was dyyyying on the inside so much it hurt.

t-minus 6 weeks until we get to take puppy home with us--i'm working hard to resist the coping mechanism of wanting to buy every cute puppy toy in sight.

one of these days i'm going to make my coworkers super jealous by bringing these DIY instant noodles in for lunch.

i am very in love with this new blog i found called "fit for the soul" and this pear tart she made looks beautiful.

slap me now, but this hello cat purse is pretty, stinkin' cute.

this weekend i am going to atlanta to visit one of my very bestest friends!  we are going to eat tons of popsicles at king of pops and even have a small tea party at Dr. Bombay's.  oh!  and the best part is we are going to see the MLK national historical site!!  (geeking out!)  i cant wait to share photos!






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