hi! my name is amanda vuu (soon to be now mrs. hobbs--english accent required). but everyone just calls me vuu. i am a nebraska girl at heart and will probably strike up conversations with complete strangers about the weather or how nice they look. i also have the cutest cavalier king charles spaniel named benny (variations: benben, benny boy, junior, or stinky).

if i am not cooking or doing chaturangas, i am most likely eating or spending time with dirt bike man (aka my hubby josh). in the spring and summer, i enjoy pretending to garden, riding four wheelers and watching my man ride dirt bikes on his parents farm while picking concord grapes and spitting out the seeds. people have asked me if i am a "real chef"...well umm i'm not sure what a "real chef" is, but yes i am a chef in real life. in fact, i am a development chef during my non-free time and enjoy it quite much.

something that reeeally upsets me is when i run out of fish sauce. it's like running out of toilet paper.

i also i love gummy bears, which must be squished and danced around before eaten.

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<3 vuu (pronounced 'voo' like in 'voodoo')